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“where in the world is peace?” … fantastique!

"Living Large" at Chateau de Pau (Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques)


(ps:  you can see all “where in the world is peace?” images compiled on our special “where in the world is peace?” page. Totes, mugs and things are available here. Send your own pictures to 52weeksofpeace@gmail.com and we’ll also post them on our FaceBook page. Let’s see where peace goes!)

Patricia Saxton

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  • 7theaven

    February 3, 2012 at 10:38 am Reply

    “where in the world is piece”

    my answer: “It is within you. find it”

    (not trying to be all philosophical here but hey, just my 2 cents, or 50 :P)

    • saxtonstudio

      February 3, 2012 at 1:40 pm Reply

      Thanks for the comment (philosophical one!) ~ yes, indeed, peace does comes from within. In fact, that’s loosely what the entire “52 Weeks of Peace” series is based on – and “where in the world is peace?” is an offshoot of that, using photos. If you haven’t seen the series, I invite you to go the 52 Weeks of Peace tab and scroll on down! And again, thank you for sharing your two – or 50 – cents.

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