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All in a Day's Work

So, I’m barreling along today, putting the final touches on a website, creating mastheads, writing copy, polishing a logo, scheduling meetings … and then I see this:

And I think, how fantastic! It’s from my talented publisher Mary, at Shenanigan Books. She’s very crafty, that one ~ in all the right ways.

She’s also started a new blog with features about the company’s growing flock of authors and illustrators, news about their books, happenings in the world of publishing, and a special Kid’s Page showcasing easy-to-do craft projects, ideas for young authors and illustrators, plus science and nature activities. Head on over now and you’ll find instructions for making a fairy house as beautiful as this one!

So even though writing this up added one more unexpected thing to my to-do list, it made my day. (Because as you surely know, I have a thing for fairies.) Hope it brightens yours as well!

Patricia Saxton

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