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"Please Like Me"

It’s the new phrase everyone’s using on Facebook, and every time I hear it I can’t help but think of Sally Fields, accepting her Oscar in 1985 and girlishly exclaiming, “You like me, you really like me!”

It’s something everyone wants. From hoping you don’t get chosen last for the 2nd grade baseball team, to full-fledged grown-up-dom hoping for a fist full of friends you can count on … I guess it’s just human nature to want to be liked.

But now it’s taken on new meaning. In addition to the classic human desire, there’s now the business desire to rack up “likes” on your Facebook Page.

It’s not so much about ego though ~ it’s about getting noticed in the sea of stuff vying for everyone’s attention. It’s about visibility. Those search engines like “likes”. So with more “likes”, the search engines take note and help remove the cloak of invisibility by sharing more fervently. And while surprisingly easy to do (and completely painless, I might add), it can go some distance for helping out the little guy (or gal). It’s a kind of marketing currency, except it’s free.

So let me go ahead and unabashedly ask ~ if you’re already part of Facebook, and you like my work, please go over to my new FB Artist Page and “like” me. I’d be grateful! I might even feel like Sally Fields.

And please remember that everyone wants to be liked. So, this isn’t just about me (although, now that I think of it … have you gone and “liked” my page yet? 8) … ).  Seriously, if you want to show your support for someone out here in cyberspace – an artist, a musician, a small business, and sure, even the big ones… take the two seconds to hit the like button. It’s a vote of confidence that they’ll appreciate!

Patricia Saxton

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