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Gifts of Peace, Magic & Creativity (under $20!)

Can it be last-minute holiday gift idea time already? Hmmm. I just might have some ideas. How about the gift of reading and imagination..? A Book of Fairies, and  The Book of Mermaids are great for school-age kids! The Magnetic Mermaid Dress-up is ideal for 3 and up. All are available at Amazon.

Then there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff over at my *boutique* at CafePress.  Totebags, mugs, coasters, mousepads, journals and magnets, grouped by my signature pieces of “peace”, “pencil points”, fairies” and “mermaids”. Lots to choose from. Fun, unique, and practical!

Happy holidays ~ and may peace, magic and creativity fill your hearts!

Patricia Saxton

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