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Week 18: "52 Weeks of Peace"

2009 has been many things, but one word that comes immediately to mind is “tiring”. There’s been the good and the not so good, and all seemed to require lots of energy.

It also seemed like a year of great drama for many people – at home, in business, as well as on the world stage … much of which helped launch new levels of uncertainty and insecurity, fear and frustration. But, as if ordained by nature, these same attributes raise a fierce desire for their opposing equals ~ those of confidence, hope and success ~ and I’d personally prefer to focus on the latter as the new year approaches.

So let’s all get our rest (ah, to sleep like a cat!), and here’s hoping for some individual and collective peace, rejuvenation and cause for grand celebration in 2010!

Cheers to all.


Patricia Saxton

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