The Humble Pumpkin


My daughter went to a local farm and came home with a little tiny pumpkin. (This is what happens when one is spending one’s own hard-earned money ~ the great big pumpkin is no longer so important!) Of course it’s terribly cute, the way small things are. And it brought to mind a vision of the sprawling pumpkin patch… nature’s bounty, plump and happy, and I thought  – not for the first time but maybe the thousandth, which (to me) makes it even more intriguing – what a wonder it is, this mystery called life. What a wonder! ~ this indestructible power of creativity. Born each day in all things, all creatures, each and every one of us; every season, ever-present, renewing, recycling, rebellious against all odds.

And there it is, this little pumpkin – one of millions of simple, round, mostly orange and sometimes amusing members of the fruit family (a berry, in fact – who knew?!), triggering thoughts of grandeur! Silly ~ maybe so, but I allow my mind its folly, and see them rambling lazily in autumn fields, these brightly colored smile-bringers, sculptures in waiting,  deceptive hosts to uncountable swarms of life-giving seeds and hundreds of lip-smacking pies, and for a moment my thoughts free-fall in wonder at this stuff of life. Because it is, really, pretty darn amazing.

Patricia Saxton

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  • annarosemeeds

    November 5, 2013 at 9:42 am Reply

    It’s like Charlie Brown’s little Christmas tree. 🙂 But really, seeing the beauty in things that others ignore or scoff at is a beautiful trait.

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