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“where in the world is peace?” … north carolina to new york to barcelona

52 Weeks of Peace keeps traveling the world! Thank you for these terrific images and for sharing peace, and your smiles, across miles.

NYC bound

Serving it up right in Chapel Hill, NC

It’s a family affair in Salem, Virginia!

Beautiful adornment from a Florida-born friend

Peace at the Bar!

Peace in Barcelona, Spain

Shopping in North Carolina

Proud in New Jersey

Wearing Peace : )

Peace at the 501 Diner, Chapel Hill, NC

Where to next?

(ps:  you can see all “where in the world is peace?” images compiled on our special “where in the world is peace?” page. Our book is on Amazon, our totes, mugs and things are available here. Send your own pictures to 52weeksofpeace@gmail.com or post them on our FaceBook page. Let’s see where peace goes!)

Patricia Saxton

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