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Switching Brains

What do Calculus, Global Security, Home Staging, Fashion, Landscaping and a Novel have in common? (This isn’t really a trick question or anything, don’t worry.)

The answer is that they’ve all been in recent need of creative branding, design, writing and editing. And that means, from my standpoint, that they’ve all required switching brains, switching gears, wearing different hats, whatever you want to call it, not just because of their varied subject matter, but shifting the mind to accommodate the conceptual and the functional ~ and yes, even those pesky administrative aspects, the parts having to do with getting things done on time, things like billing. That stuff. Then there are some social skills to call up, whether on the phone, in person, or in an email ~ and understanding the different nuances there. (You’ll go nowhere fast if you don’t communicate well. We’re in the communication business, after all.)

So the mind is constantly on go-go-go, turning on a dime. Left brain, right brain? Middle? Who knows? I do know, though, that the brain is an amazingly marvelous piece of equipment. I’m a fan of the brain. I like that it can do all kinds of dazzling acrobatics and land on its proverbial feet without being too dizzy (most of the time). I like that it can re-fuel by taking in a sunset, or doing something menial like emptying the dishwasher. I like that it has all these ideas that feed on each other, making more ideas ~ like breeding rabbits. I like that it’s excited by fabulously written words, and tickled by humor and capable of translating different languages (I watch with awe as one of my daughter’s friend’s speaks perfect Russian one minute and perfect English the next, and wonder how does she think? – in English, in Russian? How does that all happen in a split second?) and how it sends messages to the body informing it to step easily on a twisted ankle, or instructs the fingers, without a word, on which piano notes to play. It’s just the coolest thing.

So I’ve never understood why some people might pigeon-hole a creative worker. They might say, gosh, your work is great, but I don’t see anything relating to Dog Food Products. Or, have you done something with Cosmetics? Mayan Weaving as Vocal Therapy? Like it matters?

It’s never about “the thing”, it’s about an essence of “the thing”, and the expression of that essence. It’s not about Dog Food. It’s about the Dog Food being nutritious, or delicious, or natural, or for puppies or big dogs or small dogs. It’s about bringing the best of something to the table. A well-practiced and well-exercised mind will switch accordingly.

You want Rocket Science? Red Wine? Dragons? No problem. Just let me switch brains … okay – wait – okay … there we go. Ready.

Patricia Saxton

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  • david

    January 18, 2013 at 5:44 pm Reply

    Like, you’re amazing!

    • saxtonstudio

      January 19, 2013 at 5:43 pm Reply

      Aw, thank you! The mind is pretty incredible!

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