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“where in the world is peace?” … illinois, new jersey and virginia

More great contributions to our “where in the world is peace?” campaign ~ with many thanks for your support, sharing and belief in the message that peace starts here, with each individual in everyday ways…. 52 weeks a year. Peace and appreciation to you all.

Sunrise at Snow Lake, Indiana

Hangin’ around at Dave’s Shack, Snow Lake, Illinois

Inspired redecorating with framed postcards in Virginia

“Peace & Happiness” Mousepad

At work in New Jersey

Sunset at Snow Lake, Indiana

Where to next?

(ps:  you can see all “where in the world is peace?” images compiled on our special “where in the world is peace?” page. Our book is on Amazon, our totes, mugs and things are available here. Send your own pictures to 52weeksofpeace@gmail.com and we’ll also post them on our FaceBook page. Let’s see where peace goes!)

Patricia Saxton

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