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Dear Paint

“Paint Strip 2” / © Patricia Saxton

Dear Paint,

I have missed you. Missed your colors flowing on the end of a brush; the way you make magic at my hand’s command in sweeping strokes or smart little dabs with brilliant yellows and burnt umber and sienna-tinged greens and luminous blues and vibrant reds. Your tones, creamy, rich and ripe, acquiescing to the dips and swishes of well-used bristles and merrily slathering across a nicely stretched canvas, as if to say “Yes! I’m free! Let’s shake it up!”

Sure, sometimes you get ornery, but don’t we all? Maybe, sometimes, I want you to go this way when you really want to go that way. But in the end we work it out ~ we’re a team, going where the spirit moves.

I haven’t abandoned you, it’s just been a really long pause having to do with “responsibilities”. You know, keeping the roof overhead and all. It’s most definitely not for lack of inspiration or desire. So, thank you for being patient, and I promise we’ll have many, many more years together.

I’m also pretty sure that the best is yet to come. Hang in there!


Patricia Saxton

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  • Praveen Nair

    May 23, 2012 at 9:51 am Reply

    This is a similar situation I am in. You read my mind and your words echoes the same. Good work and keep the relation with colors! so will I:-)

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