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52 Weeks of Peace [squared] / Week #66

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”
~  W. Clement Stone

“Peace Moon” / 52 Weeks of Peace [squared]: Week #66 / © Patricia Saxton

Did you know? … In skylore, the full moon of May is called Planting Moon or Milk Moon. But the full moon of May 5, 2012 is also nicknamed a “super moon” because it may seem so close and so enormous that you might think you could reach out and touch it! Why? The moon’s orbit cycle will be at its closest proximity to Earth (in astronomy, this distance is known as lunar perigee), and since this happens to coincide with a full moon, it literally is bigger and brighter to the eye. As long as it’s not overly cloudy, the effect is stunning!

Patricia Saxton

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