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Time Out: Signs of Spring!

Dear Clients, I’m planning to take the rest of the afternoon off. I hope you don’t mind ~ in fact, I think you should too, and here’s why:

My God, what a gorgeous day! The windows are flung open wide, the sun shines, the air is warm and breezy. Birds chatter, daffodils open, kids walk home from school, sweatshirts abandoned.

Spring is everything delicious. Everything new and reborn. Really it is  ~ because it’s not as though we’ve never seen a daffodil before, but when they bloom each spring there’s a thrill of delight as if it were the first. And when we spot a robin, as if it were a strange and unusual creature, we shout like children, “look – a robin!”.

Our heart feels lighter, our hope expands. A beautiful day like this reminds us that life always chooses to look up, to grow towards the light and surprise us with a million ways to shine, no matter what.

And all that warrants some time out ~ enjoying this early gift from the fickle month of March, for the winds could change tomorrow!

Patricia Saxton

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  • Melissa Guarino

    March 13, 2012 at 8:16 pm Reply

    I couldn’t agree more, Pat! I am so happy to hear that you took the afternoon off. You deserve it!

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