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Mission: Holiday Cards to Soldiers in Afghanistan

Once in a while things just come together. The pieces fit. Maybe it’s because this is such a great cause, but whatever the reason, I’m feeling real good about this little project. And it has a name: Operation Spread Joy.

It started as an idea over breakfast with a friend. “52 Weeks of Peace” cards to our troops at holiday time. We were pumped about it.

Then months went by, life got hectic and the idea was all but passed over…. until another dear friend had a similar idea all on her own, which was just enough to spark that seed from a few months back and I thought, let’s just do it ourselves.

A couple of calls later, we have the public high school involved, and the card writing has been incorporated into a care package program run by the Silent Warrior Fund non-profit organization.

The whole effort will be delivered to our elite Special Forces men and women serving in the most remote regions of Afghanistan who normally don’t receive civilian packages from home. More icing on the cake? ~ care packages will also be provided to the local Afghan children.

With the help of my daughter (yet more icing on cake), the Silent Warrior Fund, the school administrators, the students and a few of my most supportive friends, we’re making Operation Spread Joy a reality.

Next year, we’ll plan farther ahead. But even in this time crunch, I couldn’t feel more pleased about sharing something from the heart with those who risk everything to keep us safe and free.

Bless them all.

Patricia Saxton

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