"where in the world is peace?"... west of the delaware and south of the mason-dixon line - saxtonstudio blog
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“where in the world is peace?”… west of the delaware and south of the mason-dixon line

Book by book, bag by bag, button by button, good people are spreading the message that “peace starts here”. Much appreciation to these new peace ambassadors!

The fabulous Hunga Bunga Java shop in Surf City, NC

The Hunga Bunga Java mascots!, North Carolina

off to school!

Christmas in October at Lake in Wood campground, Narvon, PA.

Delta Gamma house, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH

"Tiger Spirit", Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH

My Jacket

(ps:  all “where in the world is peace?” images are being compiled on a special “where in the world is peace?” page, here. Totes, mugs and things are available here. Send your own pictures to 52weeksofpeace@gmail.com or join our FaceBook page and post them there. Let”s see where peace goes!)

Patricia Saxton

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