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Update: “Afterwards & Forwards: A Ten Year 9/11 Reflective Art Exhibit”

“NJCU’s exhibit is the most comprehensive 9/11 Art Show ever assembled, presenting key 9/11 artworks from all over the world…” Ragazine.CC 

In addition to my own personal exhibit announcement of this special event curated by Midori Yoshimoto, there’s been some great press coverage leading up to the opening reception being held this Monday, September 12, 4:30 – 7:30 PM, Visual Arts Gallery at New Jersey City University, 100 Culver Ave, Jersey City, NJ.

Below are links to some of the articles written, as well as this blog-sized peek at some of the work being shown. A full exhibit catalog can be viewed here.

Press links: Art in America (listing) /  Jersey Journal   /  Star Ledger (listing)  /  Jersey City Independent   /  The Alternative Press   /  Ragazine.CC 

Map & Directions  Phone: 201-200-2496


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