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Love a Picture Book

I love it when a friend shares something good. And this is good!

Somehow I’d missed this piece from the New York Times. Missed the whole story. Apparently, back in October (2010) the Times posted an article called “Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children”.

But kids and teachers know better, and they let the Times know it in a big, wonderful way.

Instigated by Lynne Sundstrom, a Teacher/Librarian at California’s Birch Lane Elementary School, February 2011 was designated “Love a Picture Book Month”.

The students (enrollment 600) read 4590 picture books that month, then sent a letter along with a signed, 15-foot scroll to the NY Times editor as proof that picture books not only matter, but are enjoyed and are essential for learning and development.

Bravo Ms. Sundstrom! And cheers to the Times for posting this testament to the students, families, school staff and all the fantastic picture books that make a lasting difference.

Patricia Saxton

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