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Easter Goodies

It’s almost time for fancy bonnets, colored-egg hunts and chocolate bunnies … which gave me an idea!

How about a literary treat for the young ones’ Easter Baskets? Yes! Fill it up with chocolates, and pink and yellow peeps, tie it with a bow ~ then add something that can be enjoyed long after the last bit of bunny has hopped away.

Naturally, I think the books and toy shown above would be excellent choices  :  ) (and you can find the links to buy them on my books page) ~ but there’s a whole world of great books out there for kids. I’m a huge (HUGE) advocate of children reading (actually, I’m big on everyone reading) … reading to them, reading with them, and when they’re able to read on their own, appreciating their joy at discovering new worlds through words and pictures.

So think about it. Slip a special book inside a child’s Easter basket this year. Really, chocolate AND books? It’s a win-win.

Patricia Saxton

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