Blame it on Cupid

Yesterday I talked about  “presence”… today, “presents”!

But this isn’t one of my “Plethora of P’s” posts (even though presents can be positive too!). This one’s all because of Cupid and his quivering arrow. Or maybe it’s St. Valentine’s doing. Or St. Hallmark’s.

Ah, well, whoever’s responsible, love is always worth celebrating. And since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I put together some gifts over at my CafePress shop for gift-givers interested in something a little different.

Of course you can’t go wrong with flowers. But here’s an idea … you could fill the “52 Weeks of Peace” heart mug with chocolate truffles or yummy bath oils…  write a clever, poetic line or two in the love journal … or maybe sweeten up someone’s iPhone. They’ve all got heart … and love … and peace!

And, right ~ flowers would go well with all three. ♥

Patricia Saxton

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