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101 Women Bloggers to Watch

Who knew? I certainly didn’t. But I’m honored to be part of this terrific list of women bloggers culled by WE magazine for women.

I don’t know anyone at WE magazine. I didn’t get an engraved invitation. (And I didn’t have to buy a directory!)  I was, in fact, unaware that such a list existed. But looking through the other blogs selected, I’m very pleased to be among them. Go ahead and check them out for yourself.

It’s kind of interesting, really. You’re out there in cyberspace, sharing what feels right to share. Hoping someone may read it. Hoping it might make a difference. Not knowing, really, really for sure knowing. And then one day there’s some validation, and you think, wow, okay, this is nice. You noticed!

WE magazine’s mission is to showcase women, their talents, treasures and expertise. …. Thank you, WE magazine.

Patricia Saxton

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