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A Plethora of P's / #2: "Possibility"

Impossibility tries its darndest to lure us from our dreams. But it doesn’t have to succeed.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. The Beatles were turned away. Thomas Edison was told he was “stupid”. The world is flat. Walk on the moon? Preposterous. “Impossible.”

Possibility though, now that’s good stuff. Possibility presents infinite potential.

Every atom, every seed, every leaf, every breath, every step, every day … is pregnant with possibility. Possibility is wonderfully persistent. It is ­endless; it is perpetual.

Today could be the day you see a shooting star. Today you might climb a mountain. Today you may choose a salad over an extra helping of fried chicken ~ or maybe, like me, you’d rather choose an extra scoop of ice cream. (um, that’s okay, right Mom?)

Today could be the day you make a positive difference in the life of a child. Today could be a day you unexpectedly make someone smile ~ or a day where someone unexpectedly makes you smile. Today you could learn something magnificent. You could feel alive with creative spirit.

Right now, you might make a decision to observe a difficult situation from a fresh perspective ~ and that decision might lead to a new idea that can lead to a new action that takes you on a new path of possibility….

Ponder the possibility in any given moment. What can you feel? What can you imagine? What positive thought can you grab onto? What will you choose?

Baby steps, giant steps, doesn’t matter. Dream it. Believe. Think the thought of “possible”.

Patricia Saxton

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  • elenacaravela

    January 5, 2011 at 9:50 am Reply

    a great word and image. makes me want to take a breath

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