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Exquisite!… Type, Art & Design

Thanks to a spontaneous visit and a link on the I Love Typography blog, I stumbled upon one of the most exciting and inspiring pieces of design I’ve seen in a long time. It’s absolutely fantastic. And entirely fun.

According to the “One Hundred” website (celebrating 100 years of Australia’s State Library of New South Wales), a Design Agency by the name of Frost collaborated with and utilized the treasures of the collections of the State Library of New South Wales and the Mitchell Library to create an entire alphabet. It’s nothing short of exquisite.

The One Hundred site itself is impressive too, with letters A-H explained in glorious, color detail, showing the elaborate art, history and sheer cleverness that lovingly went into each creation. This is the kind of thing that given the chance I would drool over with eagerly rolled-up sleeves. It’s a pure slice of design heaven, and marvelously executed.

Enough teasing. Here’s a look at the art. (I admit I wish the whole alphabet were available ~ but to see more, it looks like one might have to go to Sydney.)

Patricia Saxton

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