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Week 10: "52 Weeks of Peace"

What if you could just press a button? When things are a little out of control, messy, chaotic, loud. You’re climbing the walls. You just want a little peace. … Where’s that button when you need it? Search, search …where’s the darn thing … a-ha! you’ve found it. You press the bright, happy button. Presto! Calm instantly billows forth. Serenity lights your path. People of all ages are kind, gentle, compassionate.

It’s a fun idea.

But… maybe there IS a button – theoretically – inside each one of us, that we CAN press for peace. Inner peace. Which is where it all begins anyway. Maybe you can train you mind to obey your command of “be still”. Maybe you can create that light, just with thought. Focused, intentional thought. Maybe it’s worth a try. If it lasts only a few seconds, well that’s something, and a better place to go forward from.


Note: Weekly peace images are displayed (as a unit) under the “52 Weeks of Peace” tab above, where there is also a more detailed description of the series.


Patricia Saxton

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