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10 Nice Script Fonts

Generally speaking, I’ve always found italic fonts a bit frustrating … the fluid nature one expects from “script” doesn’t always translate well as type  – the letters carry too much “sameness”, which has a tendency to then smother the feeling of a natural script, losing vibrancy and becoming dully predictable. This is certainly why there’s been an onslaught of “handwritten” script fonts in recent years – but I’ll get into those later.

For the time being, there remains a time and place for a nice, classic italic font, and while none of these made my  previous “10 Indispendable Fonts” list, they’re definitely worthy of note.



Patricia Saxton

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  • Elena

    September 17, 2009 at 10:10 am Reply

    Ah.. Zapfino is my friend, but I’m aways looking for a new expressive font. Thank you! Really got to get to know P22 Cezanne…

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